Why You Need A Room Addition

More and more people are taking a fresh look at the way they live. Gone are the days of conspicuous consumption; today’s homeowner is more interested in creating a sustainable, affordable lifestyle. People are also spending more time at home and are interested in how they can make their homes function better. That’s why adding a room, as opposed to selling a home and purchasing a new one, is an increasingly popular trend among homeowners.

Compelling Reasons to Add a Room to Your Home

Room Additions in Kansas City

There are many reasons that homeowners choose to add a room to their homes. From changing family dynamics to a desire for increased functionality within the home, here are some of the reasons why room additions are becoming so popular–and why you should consider it, too.

1. Welcoming a Baby to the Home

When the family expands with the addition of a baby, it makes sense that the home needs to expand, too. The new room can act as a nursery during the infant years, and then be converted to a bedroom as the child grows up. A room addition gives the new member of your family room to grow.

2. Making Room for an Elder Family Member

More families are choosing to move older family members into their homes. It is important to give an older family member their own space, so many homeowners are choosing to add a room to the home to accommodate this need. This way, senior family members can get the care they need and enjoy family interactions without giving up their sense of independence.

3. Letting Light In

One of the most popular additions to the home is a sunroom. That’s because sunrooms add a luxurious element to the home while being cheaper than a traditional room addition. Sunrooms do not need more expensive elements like plumbing, making them ideal for homeowners wanting to expand their square footage on a budget.

4. Increasing the Value of the Home

The return on investment on a remodeling project that increases the functionality of the home is widely considered to be greater than a project that increases the aesthetics of the home. So adding a bathroom, master bedroom, or home office to your existing home can go a long way towards increasing the value of your home.

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