Step It Up! Six Brilliant Ideas for That Space under the Stairs

It seems there is never enough storage in any home, but sometimes there are storage opportunities hiding, quite literally, underfoot. Take the space under your staircase for example. While it seems like a strangely shaped area, don’t underestimate its potential for some awesome storage space. Check out these fun and creative ways to use this unique space.

Open Cubbies

Where do you store those coolers, sleeping bags, bulky toys or folding chairs when you’re not using them? Under the stairs, of course! You can custom design the size and shape of your cubby holes to make it fit your stuff the best. Just a few 2x4s and some plywood and you’re done!

under the stairs storage open cubbies

The Perfect Pantry

“There’s plenty of room in my pantry,” said no one ever. Use your under the staircase space to expand your existing pantry or add an additional pantry. Now you can stock up on canned goods, dry goods and more without feeling like your pantry is cramped and overcrowded. 

under the stairs pantry idea

Make a Reading Nook

If you’ve already got plenty of room for books, but would like a cozy little space to snuggle up with one, a below-the-stairs book nook is the perfect idea. Similar to a bench in a bay window, you can elevate the seating and pile on the pillows and blankets for a comfy spot for solitude.under the stairs book nook

Create a Wine Cellar

If you’ve always wanted a wine cellar, you can create your own miniature wine cellar, right on the ground floor. With clear glass and latticed shelves, the space below your stairs can hold hundreds of bottles of wine just waiting for your next party.under the stairs wine cellar

A Home Office

Who couldn’t use a place for all of the schoolwork, mail, coupons, bills and more that pour into your kitchen? Unused space under the steps is the ideal solution. Just add a few cabinets, a desk or countertop and some shelves and the clutter on your kitchen counters is gone!

home office under the stairs

Get Creative


Create the perfect playhouse for little ones with just a little lighting and kid-sized furniture inside. Children love small, cozy places to while away hours with just their imaginations!creative under the stairs clubhouses playrooms kids


There are infinite more ways to use the space under your staircase to save room and add interest to your home. For more ideas, contact one of our reputable contractors from Kansas City NARI.

Author: NARI

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