Progressive Remodeling – the Key to a Dream Home

progressive remodelingYou’ve always dreamt of the perfect home, and over the years, you’ve probably faced some disappointment. That’s because every homeowner is unique and very few homes meet their dream home expectations – either when first bought or after living in it for 20 years when it desperately needs updating. This is what keeps the remodeling industry humming. Changes, upgrades and updates keep our homes looking fresh and feeling functional. Unfortunately, all that change comes with a price tag. Money is the limiting factor in most remodels. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve saved $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 for your remodeling to begin. Today’s homeowners employ progressive remodeling.

What Is Progressive Remodeling?

You’ve probably heard of a progressive dinner party where appetizers are served at one home, the entree at another, and dessert at at third home. In other words, the guests progress from house to house. Dinner is broken into three separate stages. Progressive remodeling is simply remodeling in separate stages. The secret is to plan your remodel in bite-sized, affordable phases that can be finished one after the other over a specified period of time. This way, a big dream can still be accomplished without a grand budget. The trick is to make sure your home is livable between remodeling bursts.

How to Remodel in Stages

When homeowners have a big design project, but a budget that can’t do it all, designing in stages or phases can help. By breaking up a big project into smaller chunks, you can move forward despite a small budget. However, the order in which you plan these stages matters. There are some important factors to keep in mind.

Start with a Master Plan

It doesn’t make sense to to bring in all new countertops and appliances as a first stage of a remodel, only to rip them up and pull them out to fix flooring issues in the next stage. Work with your designer or contractor to remodel your home, or your room, in the order that makes the most sense. Don’t waste money installing, removing, and reinstalling items in your home.  Put that money into planning out your remodel step by step!

While you’re discussing things like flooring, make sure you chat with your designer about these fresh ways to transition between two floors.

Work in Functional Sections

As you break your project into phases, remember that each stage must produce a livable, lovable environment. Because of the price attached to remodeling projects, it may be a year or longer before you can expand on your project. That means, anything that’s not done at the end of your first phase might not be finished for years.

If you’re slowly replacing your old carpet with new wood flooring, a few years of waiting mid-switch won’t hurt. If you’re a family of five trying to survive with one bathroom, that’s a problem.

Check out these trendy kitchen appliances before you finish planning your remodel.

There’s a lot that goes into any remodel, but when you’re trying to squeeze the most out of your budget, hiring a NARI member will help you stretch your dollars and create your dream home – even if it takes a few years.

Author: NARI

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