Top 5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Fall Patio Party

Perfect Fall Patio Party

When the weather turns cooler, the leaves begin to change color and the days get shorter, it’s time to swap the summer wardrobe of sleeveless tops and sundresses for the cozy comfort of boots and sweaters. But don’t forget your patio! It’s the perfect time to prep that patio for awesome evenings of relaxation and fun. When Mother Nature turns down the thermostat, show her your appreciation with these perfect patio punctuations from the gang at Kansas City NARI.

1. Fire – Autumn’s Essential Outdoor Element  

Nothing makes a crisp fall evening more inviting than the warmth and light of a fire. Be it a chiminea or a built-in fire pit, a fire makes for a great fall focal point. To really enhance your home’s backyard, build one yourself. We recommend that it is built on a flat, level surface that is 25 feet or more away from your home or trees. If building one is not an option, consider finding one that can be stored away during the winter months.

2. Where There’s Fire…There’s S’mores

Fall Apple Cider…and chili, apple cider, and pumpkin pie! Think about the different foods you and your guests will enjoy this fall, and make sure your outdoor space is prepared for them. Gather up some roasting utensils for the perfectly toasted marshmallow, and break out the thermos to keep that hot cocoa warm on chilly nights. Create a s’mores station and a hot drink area so it’s easy for guests to find what they want. People will linger longer when having a great time.

3. Extend the Day with Lighting

Speaking of finding things, make sure you have adequate lighting for safety and convenience. Summer days are much longer than those of fall, so if you’re spending your autumn evenings outdoors, you’ll need more light. Today’s homeowners have tons of options when it comes to lighting up their lawns and patios, whether you’re looking for path lighting or solar powered posts. If you need permanent lighting installed, call a NARI professional for your lighting project. It’s important your outdoor electrical elements be properly installed to protect you and your home.

Fall Party Tip

4. String Lights Put the Ahh in Ambiance

String LightsBesides lighting for safety and convenience, no patio is complete without a little lighting to set the mood. Outdoor lighting can take any patio to the next level. Our favorite lighting trend for this fall is string lights. String lights can increase the ambiance of any backyard. Other lighting ideas include setting small lanterns on tabletops or hanging  them from the fence. You can add a few tiki torches to up the party’s personality too.  


5. Create a Cushion against the Cold

To get the most out of that outdoor patio, make sure your guests can get cozy! Soften the harsher nights of Kansas City’s fall with extra throw pillows and blankets on your outdoor furniture. If you have stone benches, add cushions to sit on and break out a rug. You’ll be surprised how a little cushion between you and the fall chill will make your time outdoors much more comfortable. Once guests are snuggled in, it’ll make it harder for the cooler temps to chase them inside.

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There are few things more enjoyable in the Midwest than sitting on your backyard patio on a crisp fall evening around a warm fire. If you missed out on building your dream outdoor space this summer, contact a NARI member today, and start making plans for your perfect patio now.

Author: NARI

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