Kansas City Hardwood Flooring Trends

Hardwood floors are still the reigning champions of the flooring world in terms of desirability here in the Kansas City area. Everybody loves them because of their warmth and richness, and the fact that, with proper attention, they can last for upwards of a century doesn’t hurt their reputation either! Best of all, because of different finishing techniques, you can alter their look if you ever get tired of them just by sanding and refinishing them. Here’s a look at the trendiest hardwood floors on the horizon for 2018 …

Transitional Mixed Material Flooring

Transitional Mixed Hardwood FlooringDesign-conscious homeowners are trying out the new trend of transitional flooring. Transitional flooring involves two different kinds of floors laid together to highlight architectural elements of the home or simply add more interest to a room. While the task of transitioning between two kinds of flooring materials has existed in a more conventional form for many decades now, it’s only recently that a truly stylish approach has become popular.


Deciding where to make the transition between flooring types is a true art. You can use room borders to guide you, like those that exist between a living room and a kitchen, or an entryway and a hallway. Try a curved border to add dynamics to a room. You can also devise an organic border by using the natural imperfections of material such as stone or wood as a guide.


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Dark and Cool Stained Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors have been gaining in popularity, and they’re destined to be a big trend in the coming year. One caveat: The darker you go, the more maintenance they’ll require, so very dark colors may not be a great idea for a household that includes kids and pets! If you do decide to go dark, stay away from deep browns with yellow or red undertones, and veer towards those with cool undertones. Cool dark brown tones can descend almost all the way to black, although you should be aware that you’re not going to see much, if any, grain variation when you go this dark.

Blended Grays and Whitewashed Hardwoods

Gray isn’t just a cool color for your walls anymore! Gray has been popular for some time now, but warmer toned blends of grays and browns are on the rise (greige?), as are very pale white-washed grays. These colors are tricky to achieve yourself, so you’ll need to find a hardwood floor professional to get it right. The good news is that this color is achieved with stain and you can always refinish your hardwoods to keep up with the newest trends.

A Move Toward Natural-Looking Hardwood Finishes

Rather than finish with a high-gloss polyurethane, people are choosing satin and even matte finishes. It’s also worth mentioning that on-site stains and finishes are becoming preferable to pre-finished hardwood. Wood that’s finished on-site has a more contemporary feel than pre-finished flooring, which sometimes has “stripes” on the edges where you can see the underlying wood color.

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