How to Figure Out Your Must-Haves in a New Porch

outdoor space porchA home is not complete without a cozy, beautiful outdoor living space. By creating a welcoming balcony or porch, you’re extending the beauty of your home into the outdoors and creating the perfect space that your home is lacking. The best thing about balconies and porches is that they are extremely customizable and can be adapted to set the mood for the lifestyle you’re after.

You can transform your boring backyard into a relaxing oasis with soft lights. Or, create the ultimate party space for your next barbecue bash. Designing your perfect outdoor space can go a long way in helping you take advantage of outdoor living. Of course, it’s always important that your home renovations make you feel relaxed and add value to your property. Trends may come and go, but there are some outdoor space must-haves that are sure to stick around for a while.

The Art of Multifunctional Spaces

The tiny house trend has spread to normal size houses as well, and has encouraged homeowners everywhere to make the most of the space they have. You don’t have to have a small backyard to feel the need for maximizing your space. Even large porches and balconies require careful planning so the space doesn’t feel cramped.

One new trend in outdoor spaces utilizes furniture and features that save space by operating as more than one piece of furniture. When it comes to placing features outside, take the time to get creative about how one item can really act as two or three. This particular trend not only saves you space, it also establishes a wow factor for your guests. Here are just a few examples of must-haves in your new balcony or porch:

  • Creative cooking spaces that also function as fire pits
  • Vertical gardens with creative storage
  • Outdoor sofas with storage space underneath
  • One table that can transform from a 4 top to a 10 top
  • An accent trellis that also grows edibles

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Be Honest about Your Wants & Needs

This is your chance to create a personalized space that makes you crave opening your backdoor. Stop and think about the activities you want to do in this space. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about how you want to use your new outdoor space:

  • Will you throw large parties or host intimate soirees?
  • Do you need a large open space for activities or cozy places to sit and enjoy a quiet nook?
  • Fire pit or water feature?
  • A lush green space or open and modern, with minimal upkeep?
  • Do you want to grow food in a garden?
  • Kid friendly or adults only?

Your options for a perfect outdoor living space are endless. Once you have a rough idea of what you want to use that space for, you can begin working with a professional who can make all your wishes come true.

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Author: NARI

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