8 Easy Stress-Reducing Holiday Storage Tips

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Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Decorating for the holidays can be stressful, and so is the cleanup after, but these tips will help you spend more time enjoying the decked halls and less time actually decking them.

What’s the easiest way to store beaded Christmas tree garland? Water bottles!

Believe it or not, it’s a great way to keep your garlands untangled and ready to deck the halls! Simply tape one end of the garland into the cap of the plastic water bottle and thread the other end into the bottle. Screw the cap shut and pack the plastic water bottle away.

What’s a trick to keep Christmas lights untangled? Wrap them around cardboard!

If you’ve spent many sad moments untangling Christmas light strands only to discover they were damaged, you’ll appreciate this trick that saves you from the disappointment. Neatly wrap the strands of Christmas lights around leftover cardboard from your holiday gift boxes. Want the more advanced version? Some stores offer light storage reels (or an empty hose reel) that you can reuse year after year.

Did you know a clothes rack makes a great Holiday Decoration Storage Center?

Coat hangers can keep your wreaths wrapped in trash bags hung neatly with care throughout the year. Hangers can also help you keep tissue paper wrinkle-free. The best part – this storage solution takes advantage of vertical spaces and some clothes racks even have shelving where you could store boxes of ornaments, stocking holders, the tree topper, and other festive decorations.

Avoid broken ornaments with these easy storage solutions:

  • Egg cartons store small and miniature ornaments with care.
  • Apple crates are perfect for storing oversize and larger ornaments.
  • You can also glue plastic cups to cardboard in rows and store one ornament in each cup.
  • To-go cup carriers from fast food restaurants can also be used to pack your ornaments.

Have an extensive wrapping paper collection? Put those rolls in a garment bag!

Hanging garment bags are perfect for keeping wrapping paper rolls orderly, accessible, and dust-free. You can even hang this on your clothes rack! Another option if you have more bows, tags, and bags is clear stackable drawers or an over-the-door shoe organizer.

Label your decorations by the location where you display them!

Rather than unpacking everything and having to remember where it goes, take photos once everything is deco

rated and label and pack the decorations accordingly. Your place settings, centerpieces, mantel decor, entryway vignette, banister garlands, and the tree will all be packed away for the most efficient decoration next Winter. Plus, you can use the photos to show your little helpers what the end result should look like.

Keep those candlesticks from breaking with cardboard tubes!

Paper towel tubes will do the trick. Wrap your candlesticks in tissue paper then slide into the tube. You can even label the cardboard rolls by the location, which candlestick holders to use them with, or the holiday.  

Extension cords can also be managed using paper towel tubes!

When you roll up your extension cords, place a paper towel tube over the bundle and mark on the roll what length the cord is.

Overall, opting for plastic tubs over cardboard boxes, remembering to label EVERYTHING, and not rushing to throw everything all into one box will reduce the level of holiday hassle next year.

Happy Holidays from Kansas City NARI.

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