9 Ways You Could Be Using Your Unfinished Basement

No one likes to think they’re wasting the space in their home. From closets that get the most out of every inch, to kitchens with secret storage compartments, we’ve seen a lot of neat space-saving tricks. But what if you had a whole room of space you weren’t even using?

All too often, homeowners ignore the huge amounts of space just below them. Because basements have a terrible reputation for remodeling, many remain nothing more than a large, concrete room that stores holiday decorations. Your basement might be the home of horror stories now (and in dire need of a home inspection!), but we’ve got 9 ways to make you rethink your unfinished basement.

1. Movie Roommovie room basement

Your basement probably features fewer windows than the rest of your home, making it a great spot to dim the lights and cozy up for a movie. Plus, having a dedicated movie room means your family can continue chatting, doing homework, or anything else upstairs while you enjoy the ultimate movie experience just below them.



cozy basement library2. Library

Use the lack of natural light in your basement to your benefit! Reducing your books and collectibles exposure to bright sunlight will prolong their life and keep them in the best shape possible. Add a comfortable reading nook, or even a full workstation, and you’ve got the perfect place to help you focus on your favorite book or latest assignment.




storage in finished basement3. Extra Storage

You might already be using your basement to store away seasonal clothes or holiday decorations but, as anyone who’s ever found a mouse in their Halloween decorations will tell you, that space is difficult to keep clean! Unfinished basements are rarely visited, and they’re prone to leaks, bugs, and other critters. Plus, finishing your basement gives you the opportunity to install permanent shelves while sealing off the outdoors more effectively.

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entertain in your finished basement4. Entertaining Space

Imagine skipping the frantic living room clean-up before guests come over – because you’ve created the perfect, separate space to entertain in! In your newly finished basement you finally have the space to add a bar, some extra seating, or even a second kitchen. If you’re frequently hosting out of town friends and family, you can add a guest room and another bathroom to create a home away from home in your very own basement.


childrens playroom in basement5. Children’s Playroom

Rather than always cleaning up toys and crafts, keep children’s toys and belongings tucked away in their special new play room. Because your basement is less likely to be seen by visitors, it’s easier to let go and allow your kiddos to give the room their own special touch – whether it’s an entire chalkboard wall, or going all out with princess themed decor. Not to mention the extra peace and quiet you’ll enjoy when the kids take their party downstairs.

musical studio in basement6. Studio

An in-home studio is a great way to grow your creativity every day. Whether you enjoy making pottery, or strumming on your guitar, the added space of a fully finished basement can make for the perfect, inspirational studio. Consider adding extra sound proofing, or even a basement bathroom with a shower if your art tends to leave you a bit of a mess.

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finished basement home gym7. Home Gym

Rather than pay for a gym membership, finish off your basement and bring in an elliptical and some free weights. Add an extra shower, and a wall of mirrors and you’ve got the perfect, private gym. Imagine, knowing dinner is cooking away upstairs while you get in your cardio – and always having the remote for the TV in front of your treadmill!


great basement game room8. Game Room

Whether you enjoy ping pong, pool, or Mario Kart, the added space of a finished basement can be used for a great game room. Those wide, windowless walls mean you have the opportunity to go big with your television or projector. Plus, where else in the house do you have room for a 10ft pool table?




rental space in finished basement9. Rental Space

If you’re just not sure what to do with all the extra space, consider using it to make some extra money! Finishing your basement into a rental suite, you can spruce up that unused space and then start making that money back. If you decide not to rent it out, you can always use the space for guests.

Like any big remodel, finally finishing that basement can feel like a daunting task. Rather than try to do it yourself, get in touch with a NARI member and see what it would take to turn your basement into your favorite spot in your home.

Author: NARI

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