6 Trends to Incorporate into Your Spring Remodel

remodeling-trends-springAt Kansas City NARI, we get it. Homeowners want to increase the value of their home and maintain its appeal over the years to enjoy an updated property. Because of this, we love spring! It’s the time of year that homeowners transform their home by making changes in many areas,  from tile and paint to cabinetry and flooring. To create a fresh and attractive space, we put together a few of our favorite trends to incorporate into your property.

1. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are clean and modern when used on the backsplash of a kitchen to create a streamlined space that looks airy. Consider using white subway tiles, which are a refreshing change from dark shades and colors that have traditionally been used in kitchens (but still clean up easily!). The bright tiles will reflect more natural light in the room and allow the space to look illuminated.

2. Well-lit Cabinetry

More people want to enjoy illuminated spaces and rooms in the home during the spring season. Brighten up the area under your cabinets with low-voltage light tape strips, which are discreet but will highlight specific areas in the kitchen. LED lights are commonly used for their energy efficiency, making it easy to rely on task lighting throughout the day and night.

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3. Metal

Metal details and features have returned to residential properties. This spring, homeowners should consider incorporating them into their bathrooms. Metal is now being mixed with different types of wood to create an industrial feel that has a modern flare.

4. Bright Patterns

You can enjoy adding wallpaper (if you haven’t been traumatized by taking wallpaper down in the past) that has bright and colorful patterns that stand out. Consider adding patterned wallpaper for extra energy in a bedroom, or in an entryway for a more cheery, welcoming environment.

5. Multi-Purpose Attics

Although attics were once used as spaces to store extra boxes and junk, they’re now becoming functional spaces where homeowners can spend time. Consider remodeling the attic into a home office, a gym, or an entertainment center for the family to enjoy. Incorporate natural light into the room by installing windows or skylights and add extra insulation to create a comfortable environment that can be enjoyed in any season.

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6. Stand-Alone Showers and Tubs

One of the latest trends in bathrooms is separate bathtubs and shower spaces, which creates the  feel of a luxury spa. These tubs and showers often include multiple jets or shower heads.

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Author: NARI

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