4 Trendy Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen: in most homes, it’s the main gathering spot but it’s also a room that can add great resale value if it stays up to date. According to the Remodeling 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, major kitchen remodels in the Kansas City area recoup 53.6% of the cost, while minor kitchen remodels recoup 60.8%. One easy way to keep your kitchen looking modern is by updating your appliances. We chatted with Kansas City NARI member, Joe Quinn with Nebraska Furniture Mart, to get the top trends in kitchen appliances right now.


Is Stainless Steel Still In?


“Yes, stainless steel is still in. In fact, it continues to lead as the finish of choice when consumers are completing their new kitchen, remodeling, or replacing a failed appliance. Stainless steel has a rich appearance that brightens a kitchen and gives it a luxurious or professional kitchen vibe. Stainless has the advantage of blending in with a wider multitude of kitchen colors and finishes for countertops, cabinets, and flooring. It also tends to be more durable. Sure, it can scratch like black or white, but not as easily, and it tends to hide it better.”


Photo courtesy of Whirlpool.

White Ice. Photo courtesy of Whirlpool.

Introducing Black Ice & White Ice


“Black and white are holding their own. Whirlpool has introduced a black ice and a white ice. What does that mean? Essentially, they are black or white appliances with stainless handles and accents.”


Black + Stainless = Black Stainless


“Say ‘hello’ to black stainless. KitchenAid, Samsung, and LG have recently introduced appliances in this new color on the higher end of their appliance lines. KitchenAid and Samsung have a more traditional take on this trend with a warmer, more matte look to the finish. LG’s finish, on the other hand, is stainless steel coated with a darker hue and topped with a protective coating. All three of them have the advantage of being more fingerprint and smudge resistant.”



Smudge proof. Photo courtesy of Frigidaire.

Smudge-Proof Stainless


“Here’s one that homes with little kids could benefit from. Frigidaire’s Gallery line features a smudge-proof stainless steel that cleans easily without the need for a stainless steel specific cleaner.”


Fun fact: “Will a magnet stick to stainless steel? Yes and no. The higher the nickel content, the less magnetic the stainless steel is. So, if you want to go the kid’s refrigerator art route, you’re going to need some tape with the LG black stainless, whereas Samsung and KitchenAid will hold a magnet. Bring a magnet with you when you shop to be sure.”


So there you have it, the top trends in kitchen appliances as we head into the new year! Looking for more remodeling and design trends? Check out this handy breakdown, Trends in Remodeling for 2016.

Author: NARI

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