4 Questions That Can Save Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are one of the fastest rising trends in remodeling, and for good reason! An outdoor kitchen is perfect for backyard parties, so even the chef can join in the fun.

If you’re unsure about the idea of a full outdoor kitchen, you might start off with the basics: a grill and some counter space. However, if you’re thinking about a bigger project, here are some questions that will help keep your outdoor kitchen on the right track.

Not Sure About An Outdoor Kitchen? Ask Yourself…

kitchen-for-chefIs your top chef tired of being left out?

What’s worse than listening to your friends and family having a blast while you’re stuck finishing up dinner? With an outdoor kitchen, your best cook can join the party and still whip up their famous grilled chicken! Just make sure you’ve set them up with everything they’ll need.

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How much cooking will be done outdoors?

outdoor-kitchen-trendsOne of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an outdoor kitchen is counter space. When you’re planning your space, think about how much room you’ll need for utensils, food, and prep space before you settle on a design. Unless you’re planning to bring finished dishes out from the indoor kitchen, you’ll need some elbow room!

And don’t forget about a roof! For cooks who plan to utilize their outdoor space often, a little rain can throw a huge wrench in your plans if your kitchen lacks shelter. While you’re at it – consider lighting options for your kitchen space. Chances are, your food will taste much better if your cook can see what they’re doing.

What kinds of foods will you be cooking?

outdoor-kitchen-ideas-NARIWill you stick to the grill when you’re cooking outside, or do you have grand visions of oven-fired pizza and smoked ribs? If you’re looking to go beyond the hotdog-and-burger basics, you can add more permanent fixtures to your outdoor kitchen, like smokers and brick ovens, as well as sinks, vent hoods, and refrigerators.

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How often will you be cooking outdoors?

outdoor-kitchen-ideasIf you’re planning to be cooking up dinner regularly in your outdoor kitchen, invest in storage space outside. Rather than carting around your tongs and utensils, plan a designated space for those tools. You’ll also want to consider adding a sink to keep the mess outside as you wash up after the meal is done.

If you can answer these questions, you’re off to a good start! Now, it’s time to take the next step. Check out this list of NARI KC members and get started on your very own outdoor kitchen!

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