2016 Remodeling & Interior Design Trends

The New Year, it’s the time for resolutions and promises. Kansas City NARI is taking to the New Year spirit by sharing some of our favorite remodeling and interior design trends for homeowners to use in 2016!  Many of these projects are those that are trendy, increase the value of one’s home, and make one’s home a more functional space. Check out our 2016 favorites below!

Universal Design

Universal design has become an important component to remodeling that homeowners are considering more and more as they update their forever home. What does universal design mean? It speaks to a barrier-free concept that creates environments which are inherently accessible to anyone, be it someone with a disability, an elderly person, someone without a disability, someone in a wheelchair, you name it! What universal design features are trending? We see lots of zero-step entries into homes, rooms, and even showers. We are also seeing lower placed countertops and appliances, and even adjustable height countertops.

Sustainability Trends

fireplace-remodeling-project-KC-NARIWhen it comes to new design trends for 2016, sustainability trends are at the top of the list. From beauty to home remodeling and design, sustainability and eco-friendly trends are on the way up. Expect to see organic and recycled materials used everywhere from wood ceiling beams, to reclaimed wood floors.


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Geometric Tiles

Hardwood floors have long been the go-to in flooring trends, but tile is making a comeback in 2016. Unique tile designs in geometric patterns are going to be everywhere from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors. And don’t worry, these won’t be the retro tiled designs we’ve seen from the 50’s. These are fresh, modern, and classic.

Scandinavian-Inspired Design

Minimalist European design is taking over the U.S.! This design movement is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Think neutral colors, white-washed wood everything, and lots of natural light. We’ve already seen a lot of these trends seep their way into interior design, but now we’re going to see all of them together in full force.

DIY Space Saving Hackskitchen-storage-hacks

Time and space are a few of our most valuable resources. New design trends work to maximize both. You’ll see things like unique storage ideas in kitchens and living areas, as well as strategically placed pieces.

Shades of Grey

Grey is the color of the year when it comes to interior design trends. Whether it’s on walls or covering furniture, you’ll be seeing plenty of it in the design world. With a wide spectrum from light to dark, there’s a neutral grey that fits every home.

Artisan Goods

No longer are mass produced items coveted. Now is the time for artisan goods to shine. Unique and specialty items are taking precedence in the design world. You’ll see everything from global artisan goods, to locally made items used as purposeful decor or focus pieces in rooms with minimal design elsewhere.


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Author: NARI

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