It’s Time to Lower Yourself to That Level – 10 Totally Doable Basement Ideas

Did you ever wish you had a private space just for you? Maybe a home gym, a writing or reading nook, a home office, or a home theatre? Or maybe you’re sick and tired of the constant clutter or kids toys and you just wish you had a space to put it all and get organized for once in your life. Well, we’ve got good news for you. If you have an unfinished basement, you have exactly what you need for any of these dreams to come true!

Finish a Little or Finish a Lot

An unfinished basement is a blank slate – an empty canvas just waiting for you to create something wonderful. You can make it into whatever you want. And the best news is that you don’t have to finish the entire basement. If your budget doesn’t happen to match your vision, you can do it a little at a time. Come along with us as we show you some amazing ideas for your lower level that will inspire you to create your dream space.


Here are 10 ways to make you rethink your unfinished basement:

1. Movie Room


movie roomSometimes, basements seem darker and somewhat uninviting due to their lack of light. If your basement features fewer windows than the rest of your home, take advantage of that because it’s the perfect spot to dim the lights and cozy up for a movie. Plus, having a dedicated movie room means others in the family can continue chatting, doing homework, or anything else undistracted upstairs, while you enjoy the ultimate movie experience just below them.


2. In-Home Library

In-Home LibraryThe lack of natural light in your basement is a good thing when it comes to light exposure and sun damage. What better place to store books and collectibles and prolong their life? Add a comfortable reading nook, or even a full workstation, and you’ve got the perfect place to help you focus on your favorite book or latest assignment.


3. Extra Storage

extra storage spaceYou don’t have to completely remodel your basement to get a lot of value out of it. Simply by adding some storage space, you’ll make your life easier when you want to break out holiday decorations, change your wardrobe for the season, or find the tools you need for a home improvement job. Check out these great storage ideas.

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4. Entertaining Space

entertaining spaceTired of squeezing 18 people into your kitchen and great room? Create the perfect gathering space downstairs! In your newly finished basement you finally have the space to add a bar, lots of seating, or even a second kitchen. If you’re frequently hosting out of town friends and family, you can add a guest room and another bathroom to create a home away from home in your very own basement.


5. Children’s Playroom


childrens playroomIf you’re sick of seeing toys scattered about the house, create a designated playroom downstairs. A basement also allows for some super creative additions like an entire chalkboard wall, or going all out with princess themed decor. You’ll have less clutter and extra peace and quiet when the kids take their party downstairs.



6. Creative Studio


creative studio spaceDirectly below you lies the perfect, inspirational studio to bring out the artist inside. Whether you’d like a place to paint, create pottery, scrapbook or play the guitar, an in-home studio is a great way to grow your creativity every day. Consider adding extra sound proofing, or even a basement bathroom with a shower if your art tends to leave you a bit of a mess.


7. Home Gym

Home GymGoing to the gym is one of the biggest deterrents to keeping up with an exercise routine. Not to mention the membership fees. Rather than pay for a gym membership, bring in an elliptical or treadmill and some free weights. Add a wall of mirrors and you’ve got the perfect private gym. Add a shower and a TV and you’ve really got something. You’ll have no excuse not to work out.



8. Game Room

Game RoomBasements lend themselves perfectly to game rooms. Those wide, windowless walls mean you have the opportunity to go big with your television or projector. Plus, where else in the house do you have room for a 10 ft. pool table or large ping pong table? Family tournament, anyone?


9. Mother-in-Law’s Quarters


Mother-In-Law's QuartersAdd a few walls for a bedroom with an attached bathroom and create a mini kitchen complete with stove top, oven, mini fridge and sink, and you’ve got the perfect place to make Mom feel at home without being “in everybody’s business”. If your basement has an entry, that’s even better because Mom can come and go as she pleases without interrupting life above.



10. Rental Space


An added bonus to creating a Mother-in-Law’s quarters is that when you no longer need it, you can rent the space to make a few extra dollars a month. If you decide not to rent it out, you can always use the space for guests.

Like any big remodel, finishing that basement can feel like a daunting task. So start with just one area rather than taking on the whole space. If you need help, get in touch with a NARI member and see what it would take to turn your basement into your favorite spot in your home.

Author: NARI

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